Mike From Bucks County

Mike of Bucks County said he occasionally plays both Powerball® and Mega Millions®. He plays so infrequently, in fact, that he said he forgot to check on a Mega Millions® ticket he had purchased online.

“So, this is the funny part of the story. I had logged in on a Friday evening a couple weeks ago just to log in and I saw that I had a pending win of $10,000, but had no idea what it was for,” said Mike. “I reached out to the chat team [PA Lottery Player Support] and they said it was a special drawing and instructed me to scroll back into my drawings history. That’s when I found I won the $10,000 back in July, but had no idea!”

It’s now October 2020, and Mike said he and his wife are still excited about the big winning Mega Millions® ticket he purchased online with his PA Lottery App.

“The best part of winning is the shock when you see the prize,” said Mike. “We are currently fixing up our basement, after the tropical storm. Our insurance won’t cover the damage, so this pays for the renovations!”

Mike added that he enjoys playing Scratch-Offs as well.

“Love the PA Lottery!” he said.

Congratulations, Mike!


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